Maarch RM in docker - English interface

Hi everyone, I’m completely new to Maarch. I’ve just installed the latest docker version under my NAS and tried to change the parameter of the language to en_UK, en_US or en_GB without any effect. Is there a way to translate the interface to English?

Thanks for your help

Hi @devishian
In order to switch maarchRM unto english language, you have to modify the value of lang parameter in configuration.ini file.
configuration.ini file is located under laabs/data/maarchRM/conf/configuration.ini

Switch parameter lang under [dependency.localisation] from fr to en

MaarchRM will then be in english

Best regards

Thanks… I’ll only have to figure out how to do this inside docker repository.

I finally find out how to do it. Does anyone knows if there is a basic manual of it in English?