Anyone have any experience with Kryptiq's DocuTrak or similar doc. management app?


I’m working a small (four doctor) clinic that’s moving to electronic medical records. As part of that we need to be able to scan in and manage documents (outside reports, labs, etc.) The system being foisted on us by the EMR provider is Kryptiq’s DocuTrak, and I am not happy with it. The software is described as being enterprise level and we certainly are not enterprise level. However, as a coder - this is a part-time college job! - I’m not experienced in making these types of software purchases. Does anyone have experience with Docutrak and can talk it up/dis it down, or can anyone recommend a more appropriate software application for our organization. We’ll probably only have one person scanning and then routing the scanned documents to the appropriate place in the EMR.

Please help.

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